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Frontiers (EP)

by Joanna Lero

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the wind overheard the thoughts of doubt in my head treacherous friend strong enough to pack my things and send away I know what you'll say you've combed my hair in other lands but there'll be no change unless you blow my head off first I inhale though it suffocates say a snippet of faraway lands wants me to believe it always aims at me I inhale though it suffocates I inhale and I keep my pace the wind shares its taste with things it crosses on its way treacherous friend leaves a mark, it will be always coming back
Broken Bells 04:40
some words are failing us some words are completely failed by us empty and confused my own words make me wanna go mute aborted unwanted parts of truth twisted tongues enemies or allies toxic waste fills the air all the time some words are failing us when a shadow speaks it never sieves the bad from good seeds crops go into waste they never lick the sense off our lips never reach the ground of our ears some words are completely failed by us when silence is all I need to indulge in a wordless peace the sirens around me won't cease a raid of words begins and they go iaiaiai you sound iaiaia speak to me the words I'm surprised to hear suffocate the chaos of the words unspoken make me wanna listen and wait for more speak to me the words hidden in your lips the words unknown of the things well known that would mean a new world to me speak to me no iaiaia
Factors 04:04
Under the bloody moon we shoot the stars down and now they shine on a dump and empty ground foolish semi gods left their mountain to have fun and defining times the kids of whores and titans sing us songs no one asked to burn the books we all set them on fire no government or king we washed their hands just future in our gaze frantic gaze running swarms of ignorance there's no way to change the pace of dying days no need to change the way children play oh The Great Four who's your star today shall we like it or not please help as the quality is measured by name judge and label and bless who's the one you want to mock tonight who's gonna drink some fake hope and candied words dissolved in your sacred tears when we clap and we cry and we laugh and we'll clap and we'll cry and we'll laugh and we'll clap and we'll cry and we'll laugh just tonight Under the bloody moon we shoot the stars down and a no name man sings in no man's land
Animal 03:26
An animal walks with me and I wonder if I stay will it catch its prey or I'll kill the mental passenger in me silence, voices are faking emotions blood in my throat sets in motion the alien heartbeat of a beast in me limbs so craving in the night stepping down when the morning claims their life at once thrugh the hills and dales we run and it's clear who's left behind on the way hunter faces the lights on a highway me at the back speeding up when when the road found a way into numbness we're falling hit and run lights are glowing and the passion still hurts and the passion still burns soul of a beast in a weakest of flesh
Watts Hope 06:17
there's no water in the kingdom even empty words died alone in sleep I force myself on the paper to erase some emptiness but the pen stands still I lost my soul on a desert filled with sense I need to chase mirages again we might be dancing in the dark there's no rhythm and music doesn't feel the same just the thoughts of how it was and a feeling that somewhere very deep inside they still are when load of days is just enough to stifle the chords and abort the sounds there's a sting that will never lie there's a thorn that hits my heart I face my biggest enemy again it's in a corner with just one string left a queue of dreams behind this mess first they push me away and then they go to hell might be dancing in the dark there's a rhythm and music never is the same and the thoughts of how it was and a feeling that somewhere very deep inside I was hoping to leave my other self but I'm chasing mirages again all of a sudden when you decide not to care any more and resign even one string is just enough you're so grateful for every sound while hope is blind, she listens now so play her songs, one string is fine can't beat the beat of the heart I won't give up, I'll play the game of giving up another day and never be set to win there's a rhythm in my heart even though I'm dancing in the dark


released May 23, 2014

Written by Joanna Lero/
Guitar & vocals - Joanna Lero/
Drums - Sam Jones/
Bass, guitar & mixing - Bill Ewart/


all rights reserved



Joanna Lero London, UK

Joanna Lero is an alt rock singer songwriter. Navigating the world ruled by algorithms through an ongoing concept album exploring ideas of alienation and being human in the age of AI, leading either to her transformation or annihilation.

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